FASS Fuel Systems COMP540G Competition Series 540GPH (70 PSI MAX) - COMP540G.
FASS Fuel Systems COMP540G Competition Series 540GPH (70 PSI MAX) - COMP540G.

FASS Fuel Systems COMP540G Competition Series 540GPH (70 PSI MAX) - COMP540G


FASS Fuel Systems Competition Series 540 GPH (70 PSI MAX) Part No: COMP540G The Competition Series diesel fuel System was specifically designed for high performance diesel applications that demand a large volume of fuel supply. Each Competition Series System comes equipped with our new High Flow Adjustable Regulator which can provide excellent pressure regulation up to 600 gallons per hour!

The Competition Series utilizes our Extreme Water Separator that removes over 99 percent of the water that can be found in diesel fuel (3rd party laboratory tested) and filters out damaging particulates down to 2 microns. This is a universal System and does not come with fuel lines, wiring, or fittings.

  • Electrical Requirements: Each motor will need a 30 amp fuse and we recommend 10 gauge wiring to each motor. Each electric motor can draw up to 10 amps max.
  • Fuel Line Requirements: A single -12 suction line is recommended while a -8 or -10 engine feed and FASS return line is sufficient.

Competition Series 540G Information:

  • Supplied with Our Universal Mounting Bracket.
  • Pressure Adjustable from 0-70 PSI.
  • -10 AN Inlet, Outlet, and Pressure Regulator Ports.
  • Removes Water, Air and Debris from Diesel Fuel.
  • 2 Micron Filtration Rating.
  • 1/8 NPT Pressure Gauge Port.
  • Easier to prime than a mechanical gear System.
  • 70 PSI Maximum Pressure.

  Competition Series 540G Flow Rates:

  • 540+ Gallons Per Hour at Free Flow (0 PSI).
  • 540+ Gallons Per Hour at 10 PSI.
  • 540 Gallons Per Hour at 20 PSI.
  • 522 Gallons Per Hour at 30 PSI.
  • 516 Gallons Per Hour at 40 PSI.
  • 504 Gallons Per Hour at 50 PSI.
  • 486 Gallons Per Hour at 60 PSI.
  • 468 Gallons Per Hour at 70 PSI.

Two WH-1006-3R can be purchased to power the FASS Competition Series motors if you do not wish to build a custom wire harness.

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