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HOURS: 9:00AM CST – 5:00PM CST, Monday-Friday
Phone: 337-990-4840


PPEI Contact Emails

Paul Henslee
Tech Manager

Justin Granger
Sales & Tech Support
Email: Justin@PPEI.com

Logan Forbes
Sales & Tech Support
Email: Logan@PPEI.com

Jacob Geisendorff
Sales & Tech Support
Email: Jacob@PPEI.com

Ryan Lejeune
Sales & Tech Support
Email: Ryan@PPEI.com

Stephanie Willis
Customer Service
Email: Stephanie@PPEI.com

Kory Willis
CEO - Calibrations/Tuner
Email: Kory@PPEI.com 

Shane Dowden
Email: Shane@PPEI.com 

Accounting Services
Email: Accounting@PPEI.com

Chad Cole
Dealer Relations / Marketing
Email: Chad@PPEI.com


Dealer Program:

Looking to become a distributor of PPEI? It's as simple as calling the main line (337-990-4840) and talking to any of the sales techs! You will be asked to take a Quiz and fill out a form with your company's info that will determine if you qualify for our Dealer program. If you have any questions about our dealer program contact Chad@PPEI.com and he will be able to assist you with any of your questions you may have!



**Please remember that email is always available. This is our best way of communication and organization. We check our emails consistently throughout each day and on weekends.**