2019 - 2022 Honda Talon | Engine & Transmission Tuning by PPEI.
2019 - 2022 Honda Talon | Engine & Transmission Tuning by PPEI.
2019 - 2022 Honda Talon | Engine & Transmission Tuning by PPEI.
2019 - 2022 Honda Talon | Engine & Transmission Tuning by PPEI.

2019 - 2023 Honda Talon | Engine & Transmission Tuning by PPEI


Unlock the full potential of your Honda Talon with PPEI's Naturally Aspirated & Turbo Tuning, designed for all configurations—from stock machines to those enhanced with upgraded exhausts, intakes, or engine components.

Enjoy custom tuning that boosts horsepower, torque, and overall performance through precise fuel mapping and seamless integration.

Experience smoother shifting, optimized fueling, and cooler engine temperatures with our specialized tuning packages.

Whether you're running stock, have a slip-on or full exhaust system, an aftermarket cold air intake, or are utilizing different fuel types, PPEI ensures improved drivability and peak performance.

For those with modified engines or turbo kits, our calibrations promise maximum efficiency and reliability, backed by expert craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation.

Honda Talon Fuel System Installation - 2 Seater

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Naturally Aspirated Tuning

Discover the true potential of your Honda Talon with PPEI's Naturally Aspirated Honda Talon Tuning, tailored to match your unique setup. Whether you're running a stock machine or have upgraded your exhaust, intake, or engine components, PPEI has you covered with a range of tuning solutions to suit every configuration.

Key Features:

  • Customized for Your Combination: PPEI's expert tuning calibrations are tailored to suit different setups, including stock, upgraded exhaust, upgraded intake, race fuels, and modified engines. Enjoy optimal performance gains regardless of your specific modifications.
  • Enhanced Power Output: Experience noticeable increases in horsepower and torque across the RPM range, resulting in improved acceleration, top speed, and overall performance.
  • Optimized Fuel Management: Benefit from precise fuel mapping adjustments that cater to your specific setup, maximizing fuel efficiency and engine performance.
  • Easy Installation: Thanks to Dynojet and their user-friendly plug-and-play tuning solutions are designed for seamless integration with your Honda Talon, making upgrading and unlocking your vehicle’s full potential easy.

With PPEI's Naturally Aspirated Honda Talon Tuning, your machine will perform at its best, regardless of the specific combination of upgrades you've chosen.

Honda Talon Tuning - Stock Components

Introducing the PPEI's Stock Component Honda Talon Tuning. Designed specifically for stock machines, our tuning package offers impressive performance gains while maintaining the reliability and integrity of your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Quicker Shifting: Experience smoother and more efficient gear changes, allowing your Honda Talon to respond rapidly to changing terrain and conditions.
  • Optimized Fueling: Our advanced fuel mapping ensures optimal engine performance, boosting efficiency and maximizing power output.
  • Lower Fan Engagement: Enjoy reduced engine temperatures with our intelligent fan engagement system, prolonging the life of your engine and its components.
  • Horsepower Boost: Unlock an additional (1) horsepower from your factory engine, while the gain is minimal, we still increased acceleration and top speed.

With the PPEI's Stock Component Honda Talon Tuning, you'll notice the difference every time you hit the throttle. Experience heightened performance, improved drivability, and the confidence that comes with knowing your machine is running at its peak potential.  

Stock Machines with Slip-On or Full Exhaust Systems

These PPEI calibrations are designed explicitly for stock machines equipped with either slip-on or full exhaust systems.

Key Features:

  • Exhaust System Compatibility: PPEI's calibrations are designed to accommodate both slip-on and full exhaust systems. While slip-on systems primarily offer an audible sound difference with minimal horsepower gain, the full exhaust systems provide impressive performance improvements when combined with PPEI’s calibrations.
  • Enhanced Power Output: Equip your Honda Talon with a full exhaust system and experience a minimal gain of 3 horsepower without tuning. Couple this with PPEI's calibrations, and you'll double the gain for a total of 6+ horsepower.
  • Improved Driving Characteristics: PPEI’s Slip-On or Full Exhaust System tuning package not only boosts horsepower but also enhances the overall driving experience, including quicker shifting, optimized fueling, increased low-end torque, and aggressive throttle response.
  • Optimized Fuel Management: PPEI's advanced fuel mapping ensures peak engine performance and efficiency, regardless of the exhaust system you choose. Enjoy a progressive power delivery throughout the RPM range.

With PPEI's Honda Talon Tuning for stock machines with slip-on or full exhaust systems, you can unleash the power and performance with bolt-on performance parts increasing horsepower and improved driving characteristics. 

Stock Machines with Aftermarket Cold Air Intake and Full Exhaust System

PPEI's Honda Talon Tuning is specifically designed to optimize the power of your Honda Talons power when paired with an aftermarket cold air intake and a full exhaust system. 

Key Features:

  • Overcome Limitations: Our extensive testing revealed that the stock intake system is the primary limiting factor in the Honda Talon's performance. Replacing the factory intake with an aftermarket cold air intake (we recommend the CrosXs Intake) will remove this bottleneck and unlock your engine's full potential.
  • Impressive Power Gains: When running an aftermarket cold air intake system paired with a full exhaust system, our PPEI calibrations deliver an astonishing 9+ horsepower increase. Performance gains you can feel as your Honda Talon comes to life with these simple bolt-on modifications.
  • Comprehensive Performance Enhancement: Beyond the substantial horsepower boost, these modifications work together to improve overall performance, including quicker shifting, optimized fueling, increased low-end torque, and aggressive throttle response.
  • Reliability and Ease of Installation: PPEI's Honda Talon Tuning ensures that your machine remains reliable and robust while benefiting from these performance enhancements. The aftermarket cold air intake and full exhaust system are designed for easy installation, allowing you to enjoy the performance gains without hassle.
  • Expertly Crafted Calibrations: With PPEI's industry-leading expertise, we can provide the perfect tuning solution for your Honda Talon, ensuring that every modification works in harmony to deliver the best possible performance.

With PPEI's Honda Talon Tuning for stock machines with an aftermarket cold air intake and a full exhaust system, you can experience true performance knowing that your Honda Talon is running at its peak, backed by PPEI's commitment to quality and innovation. 

Stock Machines with Different Fuel Types

Maximize the performance of your Honda Talon with PPEI's cutting-edge tuning solutions, specifically designed for stock machines running on various fuel types, including high-octane pump gas and race fuels. Our expertly calibrated tuning ensures optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency for your unique fuel choice.

Key Features:

  • Custom Fuel Calibrations: PPEI's expert tuners have developed calibrations for a range of fuels, including high-octane pump gas (91-93 octane) and race fuels such as VP UTV96, Ignite Red e90, and VP MR12. Each fuel type offers unique performance gains, and our tuning ensures optimal results for your chosen fuel.
  • Performance with Reliability: While different fuel types yield varying performance outcomes, all our tuning calibrations maintain the reliability of your Honda Talon, ensuring that power gains come without compromising the longevity of your machine.
  • VP UTV96: Experience a performance gain over high-octane pump gas with this cost-effective race fuel, offering an impressive power boost at a relatively low cost of around $6 per gallon.
  • Ignite Red e90: Unlock even more power with Ignite Red e90, which delivers slightly higher performance than VP UTV96. However, this fuel type requires a fuel system upgrade for optimal results.
  • VP MR12: Experience the ultimate in fuel performance with VP MR12, a race fuel that outperforms both VP UTV96 and Ignite Red e90. While this fuel offers exceptional performance gains, it comes at a higher cost, around $30 per gallon.

With PPEI's Honda Talon Tuning for stock machines running on different fuel types, you can experience the full potential of your vehicle, tailored to your specific fuel choice. 

Built/Modified Engines

Elevate the performance of your Honda Talon with PPEI's expert tuning solutions, specifically tailored for modified engines. Our meticulous calibration process ensures maximum efficiency, reliability, and power for your custom-built engine, setting a new benchmark in SXS performance.

Key Features:

  • Precision Calibration: PPEI goes above and beyond to refine the tuning calibrations for Honda Talons with modified engines, ensuring that your custom-built machine achieves optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Remote Tuning Sessions: To guarantee the accuracy of our calibrations, we require all customers with built/modified engines to participate in remote tuning sessions, recording essential data for precise tuning adjustments.
  • Dynojet Dual Wideband Module: For ultimate precision in tuning, we mandate the use of Dynojet's Dual Wideband Module with all built/modified engine calibrations, providing real-time feedback for accurate tuning results.
  • Engine Modifications: Our tuning solutions cater to various engine modifications, including modified cylinder heads, camshafts, and high-compression pistons. Performance results may vary based on specific engine modifications.
  • Proven Racing Success: PPEI's built/modified engine calibrations have been tested and proven on the racing circuit, ensuring that high-horsepower Honda Talon engines remain safe, reliable, and powerful throughout multiple race seasons without the need for an engine rebuild.

With PPEI's Honda Talon Tuning for modified engines, you can push the boundaries of performance while maintaining the reliability and longevity of your custom-built machine. With PPEI's built motor calibrations, you will experience the unparalleled power and efficiency that come with expertly crafted calibrations, backed by PPEI's commitment to quality and innovation providing you with the confidence of a finely-tuned, high-performance Honda Talon, ready to dominate the competition.

Honda Talon Turbo Tuning Performance

PPEI's Turbo Tuning solutions are designed to maximize the potential of popular turbo kits like the Jackson Racing Turbo Kit and the Kraftwerks Turbo Kit. Our expertly engineered upgrades and calibrations deliver astounding power gains and enhanced reliability for a thrilling experience.

Key Features:

  • Turbo Kit Compatibility: PPEI has tested and optimized the performance of two different turbo kits, the Jackson Racing Turbo Kit and the Kraftwerks Turbo Kit, ensuring optimal results with our expert tuning solutions.
  • Jackson Racing Turbo Kit Performance: With the Jackson Racing Turbo Kit, we achieved 115-120 horsepower at our location, 25 feet above sea level, resulting in an impressive 30 HP gain over stock. The kit requires the use of the factory stock exhaust and is designed as a bolt-on kit with no modifications needed.
  • PPEI's Modifications & Calibrations: To overcome the limitations of the Jackson Racing Turbo Kit, PPEI has developed a series of upgrades, including an enhanced fuel system, MAP sensor, and full exhaust system, which have resulted in over 250 horsepower to the wheels.
  • Fuel System and MAP Sensor Upgrades: Our comprehensive fuel system upgrades include a high-performance fuel pump, upgraded fuel lines, upgraded fuel regulator, upgraded fuel rail, and upgraded injectors from Injector Dynamics. The MAP sensor upgrade features a 3-bar plug-and-play MAP sensor kit.
  • Exhaust System Recommendations: For optimal performance, we recommend using Trinity, Graves, or EVO exhaust systems, which can increase boost from 8 psi to as much as 14 psi, resulting in an additional 30-40 horsepower gain.
  • Additional Component Upgrades: We highly recommend adding CP Pistons, custom-made for Honda Talons with high-horsepower applications with more robust material to prevent engine failure For added reliability, we also advise installing ARP cylinder head bolts on any turbo application.

With PPEI's Honda Talon Turbo Tuning performance gains, you can experience the full potential of your machine, boasting unparalleled power and performance. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason Westhafer
I'd give 10 stars if I could

Tune was fantastic for my 23 Honda Talon R4 and the customer service from Erik was top notch!! Will certainly use them again!!

Marc-André Beaulne

I would recommend it to everyone that run a turbo talon for tuning and parts for a built

Chris Hedrick
WOW! Great Improvement

This is my second tune purchase for the Honda Talon, 2019 and 2023 model and what a great improvement from stock. The 2019 was completely stock and the 2023 has exhaust and both machine benefited noticeably after the tune was installed. Definitely recommend!!

nicholas fowler
Flexible and open

Working with the PPEI team (esp Erik) to dial in my talon has been great. Every time I give them feed back, they send me a improved tune. Well done everyone.


PPEI, also known as Power Performance Enterprises, Inc., is led by the business owner and lead calibrator/tuner Kory Willis. PPEI began calibrating/tuning back in 2008, specializing in Diesel Performance but has since expanded into the Gas and Powersports industries. Kory and the team at PPEI have set many world records along with continuing many industry “firsts”. We take pride in knowing that Kory not only prides his work, but also thoroughly enjoys setting expectations high for our team so our customers can have the best products available in the world.