MAP Policy

PPEI enforces its MAP Policy with all resellers of its product to maintain long-term strength of its brand name and its reputation for strong service for its products. PPEI wants to make sure that only quality dealers carry its products.

Can I have the option to continue to sell competitors’ products along with PPEI products?

Yes, you may continue to sell products offered by PPEI’s competitors. As a PPEI dealer, will be recommended and referred to customers by PPEI, and your business information will be available to those wanting to use PPEI products. Take into consideration that PPEI invests a great deal into marketing the PPEI product line and provides its dealers and customers with the best products available.

If I only sell one or two PPEI products a year, should I still sign up?

You may or may not wish to become a dealer based on the different options available to you. Please consider those options and choose the best route that fits your needs in order to resale PPEI Products. PPEI can accommodate the needs of shops of any size.

What is the new MAP Policy?

This document contains PPEI’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy, including all advertising on the Internet. You may not advertise prices for PPEI products in violation of this MAP Policy.  However, you may establish the price at which you sell PPEI products and set your own advertising and promotional policies.

How can the PPEI MAP Policy be violated?

Any Media Advertising (as defined below) of PPEI products that is below the prices listed on the price list PPEI provides you is a violation.

PPEI reserves the exclusive right to modify its prices and the MAP policy to respond to unusual market conditions or competitive opportunities.  However, the MAP policy is not negotiable.  We will not discuss with any dealer any complaint about an alleged violation by any other dealer.

What are the consequences for failing to follow the policy?

If we become aware of any advertising in which you directly or indirectly advertise any PPEI products at less than the minimum advertised price listed in the applicable price list, we may, at our sole discretion, cancel any unfilled orders to that dealer and terminate that distributor, among other remedies.

What is the MAP Policy?

For the purpose of this policy “MEDIA ADVERTISING” is defined as any advertisement or promotional material that appears outside the dealer’s retail premises, including, but not limited to television, radio, Internet, newspaper, magazine, catalogue, billboard, and direct mail.

The following contains a general description of activities prohibited by PPEI’s MAP Policy:

  1. Any out-of-store Media Advertising that in any way suggests or implies a price lower than MAP.
  2. Bundling and Value-Added Offers:
  • Product bundles advertised below the cumulative MAP price for all the PPEI products included in the bundle.
  • Offering PPEI products as a gift or discounted item with purchase.
  1. Couponing advertisements that result in lower than MAP pricing.
  2. Rebate advertisements that result in lower than MAP pricing.
  3. Promotion code advertisements that result in lower than MAP pricing.
  4. Any advertised discount inducements.
  5. Internet Advertising. This MAP policy is applicable to all Internet Advertised Prices for PPEI products. An “Internet Advertised Price” is defined as the price for a product shown on a web browser search, customer home page, content on a webpage within the customer’s site or domain, or, if the customer is conducting e-commerce through a third party site or domain, content on third party sites or domains. “Internet Advertised Price” includes prices listed in broadcast e-mails or placement of ads on any other internet sites, including destination pages and third-party sites such as portal sites, natural or paid search engine listings, social media sites, shopping sites and auction sites, including banner advertisements. “Internet Advertised Price” does not include the price a customer receives in response to a “Call for Price,” “E-mail for price,” or the final on-line “checkout” stage feature on a website, which is defined when either (a) the product is put into a shopping cart that contains the customer’s name, shipping address, emails address and payment information, or (b) login information that includes such customer information.
  6. Internet Price Masking. The practice of “price masking” or not showing the product price until after a customer has taken additional steps (added to shopping cart, proceeded to checkout, etc.) is considered a violation of PPEI’s MAP policy. All advertisements of PPEI products must disclose the offer price.