* EZ LYNK Install Procedure * 


Upon Receiving your EZ LYNK AutoAgent/Support Pack, please review and perform the Instructions/Procedure below:


EZ LYNK AutoAgent is a universal diagnostics device that is used for diagnosing and programming multiple vehicle types. The below instructions contain variations for certain vehicles. Follow the steps below as they pertain to you and your vehicle.


** Indicates important notation that should be observed.


- Basic Setup Procedure - 


  1. Using your Apple or Android Smart Device (iOS/Android) - Download the "Auto Agent" App from the App store.


  1. Create an account using your personal email/password.


** (If you are a PPEI dealer/shop installing this product for a customer, you may create your account/log in using your "shop" or personal email to complete the process below. You may also use the customer's email to log in to the app on your device with their password, or you may create a password for them that they can change later. Ex. "1234".  IF you choose to log in to the app and connect to the vehicle using your shop's email/account, inform the customer that in order for them to be able to access their profiles, they must create their own log in account on the app, then proceed on the app and select "vehicle" -> "technicians" and enter "kory@ppei.com by selecting the "+" symbol that can be found at the top right hand corner of the screen. Once that has been done, the vehicle has been "lynked" to PPEI. The customer will then need to email/call with the VIN and email account in use to have profiles enabled on their account.)***


  1. Once inside the vehicle, turn the key to the ON/RUN position


  1. Connect EZ LYNK AutoAgent to the OBDII port and verify that a blue and green light are illuminated. If the blue light is not illuminated, disconnect and reconnect the device. (Leave the key in the ON/RUN position).


  1. Once you have verified the blue and green lights are illuminated and key is in the ON/RUN position, enter the settings on your smart device, turn WIFI on and select the EZ LYNK AutoAgent from your available WIFI networks. (To verify connection, you will see a check mark next to the EZ LYNK WIFI source. You will see a message below stating, "no internet connection", this is normal as this is not an internet source. This is solely a communication between the Auto Agent and your device/phone.)


  1. Now that you have established WIFI connection with the EZ LYNK AutoAgent, open the Auto Agent app on your phone/smart device.


  1. Select "vehicle" and verify that the vehicle displayed is correct.


  1. Select "technicians" - Then, enter "kory@ppei.com" to "lynk" your vehicle with PPEI so that we may enable your profiles. Then, continue through the prompts to describe your vehicle and its’ current modifications, and select your desired settings for the "vehicle details" options (ex: tire size, speed limiter, TPMS, etc)


  1. Once that is complete, select "ECU Profiles". This can be found under "vehicle" on the app.


**(IF you see the message "It seems that your technician has not created any ECU Profiles for you" - you will need to call us at (337) 990-4840 or create a ticket at this link (https://ppei.com/pages/contact) to have your profiles enabled. You will need to provide your PPEI order number and the full VIN off the vehicle when you contact us.


**The procedure above is particularly important if you have purchased TCM Support or have purchased a single support, as those steps for Lynking the vehicle with your technician must be completed before those profiles can be manually enabled for you.**


  1. Now it is time to select your ECU Profile and install. (The ECU Profiles will have a definitive name/title indicating its appropriate use. If you are concerned, have any questions, or do not see a profile available for your specific modifications/usage, please contact us by calling (337) 990-4840 or create a ticket at this link (https://ppei.com/pages/contact).


  1. Once you have chosen the proper ECU Profile, verify that the key is in the ON/RUN position before continuing.


  1. "Fetch" the support profile from the cloud server by tapping the cloud symbol on the right-hand side of the profile name. (If you are using a device that is not using cell data, such as an iPad, tablet, or old iPhone, you will need to fetch the profile somewhere that you have an active WIFI connection to complete this step.)


  1. Once the profile has been "fetched" it will say "install" to the right of the profile. Make sure that you are connected to the EZ LYNK AutoAgent (by going to your smart phone/tablet’s list of available WIFI networks and verify that the EZ LYNK device displays as “Connected”). Then verify that the key is in the ON/RUN position and select the "Install" icon beside the support profile you wish to install.


(**Nissan Titan Vehicles should turn on hazard lights at this time to ensure ECM readiness). 


  1. The app will now guide you through the flashing procedure.


(Vehicles requiring an unlock cable, Cummins and Titan, should connect the appropriate cable in the engine bay when prompted to do so. See instructions for connecting the unlock cable.)


  1. Once install is complete the app will instruct you to turn the key to the off position. Once you have followed those instructions and the key is off, you may proceed. Once the button exclaiming “Let’s Go!” is displayed on the screen, you have successfully completed the flash process and are ready to start the vehicle.


**NOTE: For Cummins equipped vehicles, we recommend leaving the key in the OFF position for 10 minutes prior to starting the engine.


**IF this is an off-road vehicle with emissions equipment removed, you must have an aftermarket, free-flowing exhaust system installed on the truck, and the EGR/throttle valve sensors must be disconnected (if not removed completely with a bypass kit) prior to starting the vehicle. We recommend flashing the vehicle prior to performing any other modifications, to ensure there are no issues.


**For vehicles using the "single support" option, we strongly recommend installing/flashing the vehicle during our hours of operation, as the tuning can only be enabled once the vehicle has been lynked to kory@ppei.com. If this is attempted outside of business hours, you may not receive your Support Profile until the following business day.




**Attention PPEI Dealers/Shops/Installers**


Any time you place an order for a single profile and/or TCM Support for a Cummins or A50 (even if it’s ordered with an AutoAgent), there is NO way for us to auto-lynk or enable those profiles until the vehicle is linked with Kory@ppei.com. The vehicle has to be lynked with us, so we can pull it up on our backend and enable those specific profiles. So, not only does it need to be lynked with us, but we also need the vehicles VIN (and the email account used for EZ LYNK can be helpful as well). Every single profile and tcm support profile (A50 and Cummins) has to be manually enabled by a PPEI Tech before those profiles will be available for the customer/shop. To make things easier for everyone, if the shop/customer already has an EZ LYNK AutoAgent on hand, have them link it with kory@ppei.com in advance for single profiles. Then we can simply search the VIN (that should be provided in the order and/or email correspondence) and enable that profile as we process orders…instead of having to email you or the customer, requesting that they link it with us.


For Full Support Packs – If ordered with an AutoAgent, that AA’s serial number is added into the “Auto-Lynk Queue” on our backend. So, when that specific AutoAgent is connected to any supported vehicle and you open the app, there will be a prompt displayed that asks if you would like to lynk that vehicle kory@ppei.com. It is important that shops/customers are careful when connecting an AutoAgent that has available support packs attached to it, because if they do not pay attention to that message and select no to that prompt, they will link the truck to us (using one of their support packs). Now, if a Full Support Pack is ordered without an AutoAgent (already have a device or using someone else’s device), we STRONGLY urge customers/shops to provide the VIN for the vehicle it’s going to be used on with their order information. This allows us to add that specific VIN to the Auto-Lynk Queue (instead of the AA s/n), so whenever that specific vehicle is lynked with kory@ppei.com the system will automatically recognize that VIN as having a Full Support Pack available and the ECU Profiles will be available instantly.