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MCC Tuner - Quick Start Guide

Your purchase includes custom tuning via H&S Maxx Calibration Control; please use the following instructions in conjunction with the instructions provided by H&S to ensure you’re truck is running to its maximum potential.

****If this is a Email tune, please insert the SD card from your mini max into your computer and open it. Right click on the screen and select "new folder" and name the folder CUSTOM. Then take the tunes we emailed you and drag the MCC tunes into that CUSTOM folder.****

Step 1A. Remove contents from package; follow the H&S provided instructions to install the tuner to your vehicle.

Step 1B. Install regular download per H&S instructions, if you have an OD unlock code, enter it when prompted to do so.


Step 2A. Once you have completed initial install and download, it’s now time to install your custom MCC files. From the main menu select install download, complete the key on/off cycle, this time from the install menu you’ll find that it has an option to install MCC, select the MCC option.

Step 2B. The next menu you’ll be prompted to export an MCC file, or download custom file, select download custom file.

Step 2C. Input the 16 digit MCC unlock code provided.

Step 2D. You’ll now be prompted to select which files to install, if you have multiple options, select the ENG/ECM file first, followed by the TCM/Trans file second. Note: Applications such as 2010-2012 Dodge do not have separate ECM/TCM files and only have one file to choose from, this is normal. Files will proceed to install in the same fashion as the original H&S download you completed in Step 1B.

Step 3. After the key on/off process is complete with step 2D, please start your engine. You should be ready to drive the vehicle now with no nuisance lights or warning messages present. Enjoy!

HELP: If you’re experiencing difficulty with install or have reached an error during install please contact your dealer so it can be quickly resolved. Thank you!


Automatic Ford 6.4’s has two potential TCM part numbers that could be installed, with no solid rhyme or reason as to which trucks got which TCM installed. Please use the following steps as a guide to help you select the correct TCM calibration during download with no issues.

Step 1C. From the main menu of the MiniMaxx, select “Menu”, scroll down to and select “Show Settings”. You’ll have either a 7C3A or an 8C3A part number displayed, based upon which part number is displayed in the show settings screen will determine which TCM file you select when prompted which will be labeled tcm7C3A.mcc or tcm8C3A.mcc.

Once you have taken note of which TCM part number you have on your truck, continue with page 1 instructions at Step 2A

  • Kory Willis
  • MCC TunerTutorial