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LML Autocal Instructions


  1. Plug the autocal into the truck’s OBD II port using the supplied cord.
  2. Turn the ignition to the run position, do not start the vehicle.
  3. Using the down arrow, scroll down to FULL 1 A FLASH and press the center OK button.
  4. The device will say checking and count from zero percent to one hundred percent, after which it will ask if you want to LICENSE ECU NOW? Press the OK button.
  5. It will now ask if you are sure, once again press the OK button. The device should now say Flashing with a percentage below it. The flashing process should take 3-5 minutes. The “Flash” tune (full or prog) will no longer be used.
  6. When the flash has finished, the Autocal will prompt you to turn the ignition off, once off the countdown will begin.
  7. Once the countdown is finished, turn the key back on but do not start the vehicle.
  8. Use the up button on the left and select one of the tunes. All the tune files begin with Prog. You then select the mileage/tow tune, tow, street, or max effort tune. Do not choose PROG FLASH, it is not a tune file.

*All the tunes for the truck will begin with PROG*

  1. It is advised to have a lift pump when running the street tune, and is required for the max effort tune.
  2. Once you select your tune, press the center OK button. The tuner will then flash the truck. This flash should take 1-2 minutes.
  3. Once this flash has finished, you need to turn the key off, it may or may not prompt this, but turn the key off and wait for the countdown.
  4. Once the countdown has completed, the vehicle has been tuned. Turn the key on and enjoy your newfound power.
  • Kory Willis
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